Friday, March 29, 2013


Rest : Seven
Loc : Shangri La, Lower Parel
Meal : Dinner

Once a year comes the great feast of my friend Vishal Patel, who once a year splurges money on a party for his friends. Although he resides in Hong Kong now, he was in town and as is the practice he picks a new place to dine at which is not revealed until the evening of the dinner. 

Seven at the newly launched Shangri La is quite a space, gigantic with a huge buffet it puts just about every coffee shop this side of town to shame. The Lotus Cafe at the Mariott perhaps comes close in size and the erstwhile Palms at the Oberoi. Pictured above however is the creepiest, freakiest thing i have ever seen done with bread or otherwise, truly disturbing. 


The spread is huge, covers a lot of ground, so its best to be placed close to the food i suppose, howevet the staff will bring out just about anything you desire. 

They served some pretty good pizza, which i enjoyed, more so when i got pineapple on mine and no one took a piece. 

The made to order Pasta was not bad, i wish they would add some finesse into these live counter stations beyond the usual pesto, aglio olio and arrabiata or cream. 

One will face a problem of plenty, we found ourselves surveying the buffet and planning a move at times. However the Asian selection was a little weak, though i enjoyed the dim sum the other dishes were weak. 

no one seemed to have like the Indian selection but the appetizers were pretty good. 

the dessert selection was pretty massive as expected, complete with just about everything imaginable in the right bite sized portions. 

my fav thing was this moving wheel of goodness containing some amazing flavours, the sorbet was awesome as were the chocolate and the strawberry. 

Overall, the place is huge and the service good, the hotel seems to have gone for size and grandeur and has done it well. The restaurant itself needs to work out a few things, they offer something for everyone but if they play their cards right and experiment a little, they could have an unbeatable combo. 

The pricing i am told is pretty reasonable for a five star coffee shop, however i am sure that will change once the patronage goes up.

Food : 7/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 14000 between five with wine. 

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