Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday Brunch

Rest : Kebabs N Kurries
Meal : Sunday Brunch
Loc : ITC Grand Central, Lower Parel 

Kebabs n Kurries for the longest time were off the Sunday Brunch train, although my last visit was quite a while ago, i called them to set up a table for two when i was informed that it would be a set meal which i found quite interesting. 

The menu offers 2 kebabs 2 curries, a dal served with a selection of breads, a rice dish and a dessert. One can order wines, sangrias or soft drinks as well. By all standards, that is quite a lot of food, there is no way you dont come out stuffed. 

The Pudina Paneer was just like i remember it, big cubes of paneer with some pudina chutney on it, burnt on one side, brilliant. The Aloo too was just delicious. The two together were an awesome combination.

The cold butter milk too was pretty good. Just the way to start the meal. 

i love how they get you a big dish of onions and a heap of pappads to begin, you never have to call out for em again. their selection of pickles and chutney is also reasonably interesting.

The selection of dishes was interesting, a traditional dryish curry, a gravy, a dal. Offers enough for most palates.

Unfortunately, the dishes were quite weak, The curry dish Kehkashan had a distinct sweet spicyness that a South Indian restaurant doing North Indian cuisine serves up.The Makhna Korma was just plain bad, didnt taste like anything whatsoever,  it has no place on the menu and i hope they drop it immediately.

The dal bukhara was pretty good, no complaints here, was the only thing that salvaged the dinner more or less.

The tarkari pulao is quite intricate and even flavoured, considering how heavy the rest of the dishes are its quite a relief. 

boring and not so fresh gulab jamun for dessert followed by

 an equally boring Kulfi. 

Overall, the place is huge and it was more or less packed, the good food mag was holding their fest at the ITC and it might have been crazy because of it, however they are usually pretty busy anyway. The meal started out well, the kebabs were great, however the mains were a disaster save for the dal.

Neither of the veggies worked and it didnt make for a very happy meal post that. The desserts too were a total let down, absolutely no quality or thought went into the dessert. Its better to serve their amazing Kulfi Falooda in a glass, it makes life easier for all involved, it tastes great and does not hurt from being made in the morning and having to sit around. 

Also, i think having a one price luncheon which is the same for vegetarians and non-vegetarians is fine by me but to charge those not drinking their bubbly/wine the same is a bit unfair, i wish they could sort that out. . Perhaps they can also offer choices with the mains, I would have picked their Kez Kazaa which is what i usually get, instead of the ridiculously bad Makhna Korma.

At 2300 with taxes its quite even for a Sunday brunch, they give you plenty to eat and treat you quite well. Unfortunately they do need to work out their offering, if two of their mains are not going to work and dessert is so weak they might as well become Just Kebabs. 

Very disappointed  considering my ten visits before i have never had a cause to complain until now

Food : 6/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 4600 for two 

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Anonymous said...

It's great indeed to have food in Kebabs N Kurries...A perfect order for a healthy tummy, 2 kebabs 2 curries, a dal served with a selection of breads, a rice dish and a dessert. But a frozen dessert like Kwality Walls "Kulfeez" would have made your day, since it has Exotic nuts & Creamy flavors which is a perfect mix.

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