Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Rest : Indigo
Loc : Colaba, Behind the Taj
Meal : Lunch
Indigo has been around for a while, i have been there quite a few times now and have admired their willingness to experiment. Despite the years, the ambiance of the place is still quite stellar, dining in an old Colaba bungalow is like a bit of a time warp. 

They have recently launched a Prix-Fixe and they had us over. A Prix-Fixe is a good idea but it hasn't taken off in India yet, although a few do offer it (Zia, Souk, the erstwhile Pure) but its an idea worth pursuing. The three course Prix Fixe is only available for lunch and one gets to choose from a dozen dishes each for the first two courses and six desserts.

We sat next to the lovely Miss Malini  (Twitter : @MissMalini) the conversation was entertaining and one can see why she is Queen Bee !

Indigo has always done decent cocktails, the mojito was pretty good, the frozen lemon thingy was way, way too tangy.

The Baby Beet with Horseradish Panacotta was okay, Indigo has some sort of a fetish for Beet, seen plenty of it over the years. Never been a big fan, while this wasn't too bad, it was nothing special. 

The Salad of Green Asparagus with Labneh was pretty good. Enjoyable.

Potato & Roasted Ricotta with artichokes, delicious. Dish worked pretty well. The potato was almost ravioli like, filled nicely. Good stuff.

The Grilled Portobello was stellar, just brilliant, however it was marred with the barley risotto which was completely unnecessary. No special flavour here, something slightly sweeter on flavour or perhaps going for a salty finish with cheese would have worked better. 

The Pana Cotta with Rhubarb confit & Champagne consomm√© was a total let down. Did not work at all. the consomm√© tasted like a cough syrup as one of the diners mentioned. 

The chocolate raspberry meringue tart was pretty good, very well done, the texture was a little too grainy for my liking but it was quite stunning by itself. 

Overall, the ambiance is great, the service impeccable, if a tad slow. I am not a fan of the weird shaped dishes and the very uncomfortable silver ware, makes for a weird experience. 

As for the food, while there were hits and misses, if you can pick the right ones, you can have a pretty good meal. Plenty of options for vegetarians as well.

Price wise, its a tad on the higher side(1320 with taxes) but what one would expect at Indigo. A thousand bucks ain't what it used to be. I could see myself do a working lunch here if in the area. 

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