Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Indigo Deli Opens in Bandra

Was fortunate enough to get a preview of the new Indigo Deli in Bandra which is set to open its doors officially from tomorrow. The eatery has taken over Da Vinci as well as Gostana and is going to bring some snazz to the Bandra dining scene. Sorry no pictures this time. Images are courtesy of Indigo Deli. 

Indigo Deli is an immensely popular brand with two locations (three if you count the Cafe) their absence in Bandra has been felt for a while, although there are a myriad options, most of them are hit and miss and the closest Bandra has come to ID is Cafe Basilico.

So i think the Bandra folks should rejoice and revel.

The space is largish and fairly well laid out with a massive open kitchen. There are smaller tables for twosomes which an be put together for larger ones, the booths are quirky and saucer like and there is some outdoors seating as well.

Looks like it will make a brilliant Sunday place. I spent two hours noshing up with some wonderful company and wonderful food.

For Indigo Deli loyalists, the menu will seem familiar but it has enough dishes to give it, its own identity. They serve an all day breakfast and the Eggs on the Beach (610) a take on the traditional Eggs Benedict come highly recommended.

The Asparagus Artichoke & Arugula salad (365)came with a ranch/cranberry dressing, was pretty good i thought until i had a taste of the Poached Pear in Wine with caramelized Gorgonzola (365). It was just something else,  I spent more time picking at this while continued to grudgingly share my salad, just brilliant and i highly recommend this at any of the IDelis.

The baked mac & cheese (485) was good as always, also had a taste of the famed Indigo Deli pizzas but this margerita (445) was somehow very different. Thin as always but bursting with favour, couldn't eat just one, no siree bob.

A Chillee Cheese Toast is also on the menu, however i didn't get a chance to taste it, i did taste the charred asparagus & feta in a roomali. Brilliant, quite a huge roomali it was but pretty good.

The Dessert was okay, the crème brulee (285) was so so, the Tiramisu (285) was good and the Blueberry Cheesecake (345) was outstanding. The Dulce De Leche was much missed...

Overall, it was a great evening, Rahul Akerkar is not only a knowledgeable man with a great sense of humour, he is also a generous and attentive host & a cigar smoker which is a thumbs up in my book.

One of the first restaurants i went to with my friends as a kid was Under the Over at Kemps Corner where Rahul was the chef. Twenty odd years later, here we are. I hope to be at some more of these openings in the times to come.

Indigo Deli & Bandra are going to be great friends.

Indigo Deli.
Ground Floor, Fatima Villa. Just up the street from Golds Gym.

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