Monday, August 09, 2010

Salt Water Cafe

Rest : Salt Water Cafe
Meal : Late Breakfast
Loc : Bandra,

Salt Water Cafe is a place i have been driving by for ages, always wanting to stop by for a bite but time has never been on my side.
This Sunday, i was finally able to swing a visit as i had a meeting set for 1 (Yes, i have been working Sundays for all those who care)

The space is quite relaxed, wooden flooring, wooden seating, white walls, on a quiet Sunday morning sitting by the large window looking out to a quiet Bandra Street, bliss.

The menu is expansive, unfortunately they have breakfast, lunch and dinner service and another all day menu.

We had the Spanish Omlette which was pretty good, the smart omlette was interesting, a combination of asparagus and shitake. Not bad at all, slightly on the blander side but an interesting and successful combination in itself.

Skipped the desserts to go in for a cheese platter as everyone should. It was great, good solid selection (emmethal, brie, parmersan, bleu) served with apples, grapes, crackers and a little balsamic drizzle.

The coffee was good, the mango juice the wife totally loved. The iced tea was pleasantly huge!

There is a seating area on the first floor which also houses the bar and outdoors section. Would be pretty good to try out a drink on the patio once the monsoon dissapates.

Overall, the place is great, i wish we had more time to check out the lunch options, the breakfast however was worth a go. I think the flavours are on a softer, subtler side which is a hit with their clientele which was 50% foreign.

The service was brilliant, attentive, prompt, friendly and out to please.
Food : 8/10
Service : 9/10
Damage : 1500

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