Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Kailash Parbat - Epic disaster

Rest : Kailash Parbat
Meal : Lunchish
Loc : Andheri Link Road

I have been stuck in Andheri for post production on the film for the past couple of days. Its unfortunate that the post prod hub for films in Bombay is located in an overtly commercial culinary wasteland such as Andheri.

There is no halfway decent restaurant in the entire stretch ( i havent been to the Indigo Cafe) Getting ready for a 5.30 pm lunch, we were starving and tired, didnt have the courage to cross the street and head into the Infiniti Mall for a bit because lets face it - it was too hot and Infiniti is a wasteland of another kind.

So we ducked into Kailas Parbat as it was the closest restaurant. Big F***** mistake this. The place was sort of fullish probably coz KP has been trading on its name. We ordered the Kachori which was fairly disgusting.

The Chana Bhatura was reheated, oldish, spicy and the bhaturas looked dodgy. We also tried the tikki but neither of us had the courage to actually go further then two bites.

They didnt get us our drinks and we found it prudent to just get the hell out asap. Although, whatever it was they put in the food followed us back home and we ended up with upset stomachs.

Food : 1/10 (lowest rating ever)
Service : 1/10 (lowest ever again)
Damage : 300 or so on food, physiologically about 200,000 worth.

Avoid like the farking plague


Simran said...

If you are stuck there tomorrow, try their masala dosa. It's not too horrible.

Or turn the corner and go to Mainland China!

The knife said...

Oh gosh I'll be shifting there soon.

Pity when people mess with a good brand name. KP was such an icon

Gaurav said...

@ Simran, i dont think i will ever enter a KP again. it was disgusting.

@ the Knife... leaving Bandra? what gives? Andheri is a wasteland mate! in more ways than one.

Gaurav said...

@ Simran

and yeah, i am stuck there tomorrow

The knife said...

Will never leave bandra.

Leaving Chinchpokli

Gaurav said...

oh cool. i was wondering what happened there for a min !


Payal said...

did you ever end up visiting mainland china? they do try to accommodate the indian palate with the traditional manchurian/fried fare, but they also have some nicer, more delicate options. i remember the veggies in the green coriander sauce were not too bad.

Anaggh Desai said...

Landed up here from KK post and had a hearty laugh about KP. It is good, maybe a bad day for the chef or you. The next time come with me and see. BTW the nice things to order are - Start with Papdi chaat/Dahi Puri; then try the Aloo tuk, paani puri and sindhi bhajiya. Cheers

Gaurav said...


i dont think KP will ever get a second chance. while i appreciate the input, i think i ordered some seriously basic dishes which they should not be able to screw up.

i will stick to Swati & Cream Centre for my Chole Bhature.

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