Monday, June 21, 2010

The Comedy Store - Awesome !

The Comedy store is an awesome addition to Bombay entertainment. My experience in the second week was great, the audience was fun and the place was full and unlike the terrible nonsense that passes of as humour on Indian television.

The jokes are unrestrained and observational, bits on Bombay, relationships, politics, being American and even sketches about the Middle East. While Ian Moore & Gordon Southern (who does a hilarious impression of Navjot Sidhu) kept it light, Dave Fulton does angry misgoynist schtick like no other, taking on sex, religion and politics.

For a lot of people the comedy store will be an initiation into live comedy, which is adult, in-your-face humour, peppered with bad language but very often with a serious point to make. I could see a few members of the audience squirm especially the senior citizens.

So if you want a night out with your family and have a few laughs, dont go there but if you want to laugh and experience some visceral emotion whilst you are at it, head on down.

Also, in the interest of food and drink,they have a limited but top notch food service with fries, pizza and wraps (all very well priced between 150-200) and a brilliant bloody mary !

Laugh away...

Tel : 4348 5000
Tickets : 700 Fri-Sat, 500 Sun.

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