Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tulip - AWFUL ! Avoid at all costs..

Rest : Tulip
Meal : Lunch
Loc : Warden Road

I remeber Tulip as a neighbourhood restaurant back when i was a kid and lived at Napean Sea Road. Unfortunately i cant recall much from my visit there back in the day. They downed shutters as i moved a few minutes away. So when i heard they were open again as a wine bar/restaurant i was intrigued.

The place is on the lines of an upmarket deli and is quite spacious. The airconditioning was on full blast and that was about the

The menu is expansive and goes from breakfast to salads, pasta and pizza. The overall themse is more or less Mediterranean, along the lines of an Indigo Deli or a Cafe Basilico or even a Moshe. All of which have similar menus.

We started with the Mezze platter (and stopped with it too as you shall see) it was supposed to be hummus, muhammara, moutabel and olives with fried pita chips on the side. So the hummus was frozen for god knows how long and tasted disgusting. We were served some tomato salsa in the guise of muhammra. the plate we were given was wet which in turn made the pita wet. Few complaints later everything came back but then again we asked for our moutabel which was not served to begin with. When we finally got it, we decided it was safer NOT to eat it and cut our losses. Got the hell out of there.

Tulip was empty which is probably down to their ridiculously bad food and untrained staff. While they were not rude in anyway they had no clue about anything. No one knew what was in the mezze platter and they had even less clue about how to behave. Shouting amongst themselves, refusing to come up and talk to us when we had a question etc, etc, etc.

Overall, i would recommend you skip Tulip alltogether and head to Banyan Tree Cafe at Pedder Road or Cafe Moshe at Kemps Corner.

Food : 0/10
Service : 2/10
Damage : nothing. we refused to pay for the food. 50 bucks for the Thumps Up.


The knife said...

How can you mess up Hummus? Good you didn't pardon them.

Gaurav said...

it was a horror flick..

Anonymous said...

r u retarded?? its awesome!! how can u not like it??????

Gaurav said...

yeah i am retarded... thanks for the constructive input !


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