Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Sing Food Part 1

I just had a fabulous trip to Singapore, one of the best vacations ever, great food, great people and one of the great cities of the world. No traffic, fab buildings and unbelieveable amount of time saved !

Since its city of expats, there are plenty of different options for just about everyone...

Bloody Mary on our flight in. Kingfisher, they do a good job.

The food really bummed me out. It was way too spicy and messed my stomach up so bad, i couldnt eat until lunch the next day.

The Soup Spoon is a popular joint, across malls, its part of the food court or a standalone restaurant. They serve some brilliant soups and wraps. I got a tomato soup, served with a little bread, for $5.50 you get quite a huge bowl. The small one is quite large.

the hummus wrap, was about average...

My friend Sam, took us to Din Tai Fung @ The Wisma Atria. Apparently it was once voted one of the top restaurants in the world. The cuisine is mostly Taiwanese, quite impressive.

Peanuts in Seaweed, brilliant to start off with

Egg Fried Rice, awfull !

Plain Garlic noodles, good stuff.

Veggie Dim Sum, awesome stuff, served with some soya, ginger shavings and hot sauce. The specialise in Dim Sum and rightly so.

While walking around near Marina Bay, we got hungry and checked into a cafe at random. Good call it turned out to be. The sandwich was fantastic, red peppers, mushrooms, dressing, aubergines.

2 Am, River Quay, got done clubbing and decided to check into some food. The wife makes brilliant choices when it comes to food but not this time. She skipped over the Lebanese place and choice a kathi roll guy.
Unimpressive on all counts. No taste, no spice, fresh paneer though.


* Jewelry Designer: Harjot * said...
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Maaya said...

looks great, i have to try this out. thanks

Anonymous said...

did u get a chance to check out taco frsco ?

Gaurav said...

I was supposed to attend their pre opening tasting but was in Singapore at that point.

Have a Bandra meeting starting @ 5, so i might swing by there for dinner but not sure yet.

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