Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dreadful Night Out !

Venues : Olive, Tote
Location : Race Course, Mahalaxmi

10.30 pm in bed, the wife and i both got a hankering to get the hell out of the house and go out. The fact that it is Tuesday night did nothing to stop us. We should have known better..

Since the Mrs wanted olives we headed to the most natural port of call, Olive at the race course.
Man, what a dump this place has become. It was not empty, yet it had this sense of death and decay all over it.

We headed straight for the bar and ordered a beer and a sangria. A few mins later they show up, we are sipping and hoping for our complimentary olives when out comes a little apology of a cup of cheeselings. Imagine that.

So i asked them for my complimentary olives and was told i would have to pay for them. WOW. 8$ Corona and i have to pay for olives. So we decided to stick to one round and head up to Tote.

We ask for the check and a few mins later the chappie comes up and says its 850 Rs. No reciept. So i am not sure what kind of a scam Mr.Singh is running but i insisted on my reciept. It turns out to be 825 with a 10% service charge included in it.

So a scam on top of a scam. I think i am done with Olive now, never going to return not that i think they will be around long anyway. I blame this one on the wife.

So off to Tote i went, got myself a cocktail or two, they threw in the olives with paprika and garlic on their own, shows the difference between a place that pretends to be a restaurant and a real one.
The caiprioshka was great, unfortunately the bar is massive and despite a few tables covered, it felt empty.

I love their bar food menu, they serve some really amazing stuff. this time i went for the herbed goat cheese with jalapeno and chilli olive oil. UMMMMM..... super delicious.

My advice is to avoid Olive all together for thier unscrupulous attitude. Tote has great drinks, great food but is such a huge place that if you dont have 40 odd people in, it feels dead.



Adhish said...

Classic Olive!

For some reason there are a lot of people who love it though.

Gaurav said...

Hi Adhish,

i always find it surprising anyone ever bothers to show up..

The knife said...

You guys retired for the night and then got up? Kya baat hain

I went to the Bandra while back and thought the service sucked

Gaurav said...


totally. we were more or less about to doze off and then suddenly we ran out the house.

I think i am done with olive. BEsides there are way too many new places open now, time to move on.

namitha said...
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RE said...

hey, their pizzas are pretty good. though, the curious horsey smell ruins it a bit.

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