Saturday, April 17, 2010

At last Taco Fresco brings true blue Mexican to us !

Finally, its happening. We are getting a true blue, authentic Mexican restaurant opening its doors in Bandra in the 3rd week of April. Awesome news.

While Taco Bell has set up shop in Bangalore, i had a look at their menu and its more potato than beans, so i am not sure how well it will go down with folk who are looking for some true Tex-Mex fast food.

Taco Fresco of course is more on the authentic tex mex side.

Cant wait to check it out.

Viva La Revolucion

PS. Also slated to check out Michelin Star Chef Vineet Bhatia's Azoka next week.


bucva said...

true tex-mex fast food! how is that authentic mexican food??

Gaurav said...

My inference was going to Taco Bell looking for true tex-mex and not getting any. They have Indianized way too much from the start.

Mexican is different from Tex-Mex anyway.. but i much prefer the Tex-Mex variety.

Lets see which was Taco Fresco leans.

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