Friday, December 04, 2009

Recap of the meals past

Things have been fairly busy, so instead of doing multiple posts ill combine a few of my meals out into one.



The Bombay Masala at the Pizzeria on Marine Drive. Quite possibly the greatest Pizza known to man. Subtlety Indian taste without any hardcore toppings or sauces. The joy was in the masala alone. Also highly recommend the very tasty if inauthentic spaghetti with Pesto.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


At the airport, the only real decent option is the coffee bean and tea leaf.
While their coffee is good (if expensive) they have a brilliant pasta options. The spaghetti was GREAT.

Cream Centre


The mood for Chana Bhatura struck and we found ourselves at Cream Centre, the wife went for a sizzler. It was a disaster, uncooked, undercooked and lame as hell.


Aarti said...

The most annoying thing happened at Pizzeria the other day. It was a Monday & the restaurant was as full it would be on a Monday evening = 80% occupied.
We were midway through our meal, we'd eaten some pasta and were working our way through a pizza. We intended mulling over some drinks after that. Even as we were eating our pizza the guy came and slammed the bill on the table. Now really, is this an Udipi where the turnover makes all the difference?

Gaurav said...


that is a little rough, i would not have been too impressed with that.

but the place is extra ordinarily busy and i for one, salute our unapologetic pursuit of more money


pizza was good though right?

Sej (aka the Grinchluver) said...

I am a bit late but must add-flying back to the US a month ago I had a caesar salad at the Coffee Bean at the airport. After nearly two months of being deprived of a decent salad while in India I finally had one-so for anyone stopping by at CS Airport it's a must.

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