Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Rest : Panchvati Gaurav
Meal : Dinner
Loc : Opposite Bombay Hospital, Marine Lines.

Panchvati is a place of fond memories. I visited with my grandfather a few times because he knew the owner i think. Then it sort of fell of the radar (this was back in the mid to late 90’s) and it had been shut for some time and under renovation after that.

Trying to figure out dinner a stroke of randomness struck and both of us agreed on checking out panchvati. The place has changed completely, gone are the dung walls and folk art, its now a generic sort of thali eatery.


They offer the usual, 2 snacks, a dal, a kadi, 4 entrees, 2 desserts as well as dal baati. Besides the usual salad, pickle, chutneys and chaas.


There was also the jal jeera which tasted more like pani puri paani. very minty.


The veggies, as is usual were two safe ones, like chana, the other was a tomato and aloo (potato) then they had the two weird ones which i don't even recall.


They serve regular chapatis as well as bhakris.


They also do rice and khichadi or both if you please.

Overall, the food was good, i would have to dock points for the lameness of service, people just standing around being inattentive as well as for a lot of dishes being cold. I didn't like the dal baati much but the wife loved it (best one has been Golden Star for it but then their thali otherwise sucks)

Additionally the thali is priced at 250 bucks which is f******* insane. I had another thali at Thackers on Chowpatty Beach for 350 bucks which was absolutely horrid. While this one was not bad it was no way worth 250.

Ill stick to Joshi Club from now on, best ever and that too for a 100.

Food : 7/10
Service : 6/10
Damage : 500 for 2.


The knife said...

Talking about bad service let me tell you about the wannabe Mithundas who were taking the orders at Olive bandra last night

Gaurav said...

go on, tell me mate.

PrianCa said...

why no UTBT on your blog? it's off pedder road... the best veggie pasta and sandwich place this side of town... what is this gaurav... :D

no, seriously, it's great... check it out... it's in the lane after the HSBC bank... please please please visit the place once... you might find it flanked with teeny bops off n on, but the food's worth a try. sachchi!

ram1234 said...
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Gaurav said...


thanks for your comment. UTBT is just too awkwardly located to begin with and is too close to home.

prefer trekking out a little bit more to go some place for a bite but its on the radar. so one of these days...

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