Friday, October 02, 2009

Hottest new place in town – Tote on the turf

Tote on the turf is the hottest new place in town, barely a week old its the brainchild of Indigo’s Rahul Akerkar. Spread across a lavish 25000 square feet, the place is like nothing in the city, you have some spiffy places but this is truly out there, with a massive bar, an indoor section with couches as well as laid out tables and an al fresco option.

The ambiance is high end, the attention constant and you can feel the newness of it all. It wont be long before it becomes a hot favorite. The menu is eclectic, there is a separate grill section, the food ranges from thai curry to lasagna.

The indigo mary is a twist on the traditional with a dash of balasmic as well as cucumber. Personally, i prefer my bloody mary original without too much messing around.

The fresh lime frozen was harmless.

Not bad, smooth full wine a little dry.

The mushroom tiramisu was excellent, there was a walnut compote and a fig mousse. Just beyond words, there was so much going on with the dish and you sort of had to figure it out. Once you did, it was quite something.

The dish was good, however there was nothing imaginative about it, considering the grill is a dead space for vegetarians it still turned out well. The stuffing was mushrooms, the sauce was a rich marinara.

The entrees, this one was pretty creatively thought up, i have had the couscous upma a few places now, so its not as new as it once was. The problem was too much pepper and salt, the whole thing was just overpowering any inherent taste.

Very good. The macaroni with some cheese on a rich tomato sauce, like mixing 7up and coke but it actually worked. The vegetables were really tomato and peppers. The dish would have worked better with something more flavorful at the centre like a ricotta or a goat cheese.

Overall, the place is a bound to be a smashing success and is a cut above Olive in terms of design, ambiance and what it offers. The bar is just unbelievable and you have a lot of choice in seating.

Food : 7/10
Service : 9/10
Damage : 4000 with cocktails and wine.


Anonymous said...

Havent visited this blog in a while-been busy.I really like the new format though-makes a very good blog great.Keep it up!!Ramanujan.

Gaurav said...

Dear Ramanujan,

glad you like it. welcome back.

Anonymous said...
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