Monday, October 26, 2009

Delhi Trip – Sarvanan Bhavan

Sarvanan Bhavan is a truly epic experience in Delhi, if you by a chance of ill luck a little late in getting there, you will find yourself at the back of a line at times 40 strong.

The food they serve is traditional south Indian, snacks to complete meals. Brilliantly done, quickly served, the space is a piece of South India in the middle of New Delhi.

i hate puris but i really wanted to get something which is hard to find in Bombay and i opted for the thali.

They served dahi, dal, rasam, dry potato and a couple of other veggies along with some rice. Overall, the food was unique and well done.

Overall, the place is great, beyond the thalis they also serve crisp ghee dosas as well as a dozen mini idlis with ghee. A must visit for all those visiting Delhi. My second time here and i shall always try to visit everytime i am in town.

I always thought Bombay had it all when it comes to restaurants but there is nothing like a Sarvanan Bhavan here… one more reason to hate Delhi.


@b said...

Just to let you know. Saravanna Bhavan is original a chain in Chennai(around 10 branches across Chennai) with branches in diff places in India and a few outside India too.

But yes the fare they offer is totally different than what we get here in Mumbai. Their Sambar rocks !

Gaurav said...

@b, thanks for your comment.. it was my second visit to SB.. i know they are a chain across the world.. pity their owner got indicted for INS fraud or something.

maybe Bombay has too many udipis for Sarvanan Bhavan to bother..

Vishiiii said...

Super website i say..

Gaurav said...



? said...
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? said...

Their Dosa servings in the white melamine-ware plates, lined with banana leaves are a visual delight too! Though the thali remains steel.
Good pictures in the post.

Anita Duggal said...

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