Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Pizzeria

Rest : The Pizzeria
Loc : Marine Drive
Meal : Dinner

The Pizzeria is the sister restaurant of Not Just Jazz by the bay and part of the Mars restaurant group (Roti, 3 Flights Up, Dosa Diner, All Stir Fry, Gordon House amongst others) The thing about the Mars group is that they have a) always been ahead of their time when it came to chain dining. b) too eclectic in their product offering c) the food most places was either just not good or went downhill sooner or later)

The Pizzeria over the years has become a south bombay instituiton and fortunately nothing has changed over at the restaurant. They have resisted the urge to add air conditoning or redesign the place or the menu. The place continues to be insanely busy and consistently good.

The spiral pasta in pesto sauce with sund driend tomato and peppers was just too good. Creamier than i would like but the essence of the pesto came through, heavy but fairly satisfying little dish.

the beverage of choice was Diet Pepsi

One of the best pizzas in the world in my opinion. As much as i love goat cheese or feta on my pizza, this is the Bombay Masala, the king of all pizzas. Anyone who is coming to this city MUST go and try this evil dish. Just cant get enough.

Overall, the place continues to flourish, get their early in the evening or late in the afternoon if you want a quick seat or be prepared to wait upto an hour, especially Sunday lunch or dinner. Dont experiment too much, stick to the fundamentals.

Food : 9/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 800

The Pizzeria
143, Soona Mahal
Marine Drive, Mumbai 22856115


Juhi said...

The Bombay Masala pizza and the pasta in pesto are my personal Pizzeria favourites...though I love any veg pizza there generally as it tastes of fresh dough and they never scrimp on toppings.

It scores on unique ambience and a great view too.

Gaurav said...


Spot on, the place is hard to beat on most counts. I pretty much grew up coming here and they have rocked forever.

Funnily i have never had anything other than the Bombay Masala.

Simran said...

I love the place too, but most of the time it's just too hot to eat at the pizzeria so I end up eating salad lunch at the jazz.

Tried the bombay pizza at little italy?

AndyB said...

It's a cracking place! I really liked it.

When I visited Bombay I was staying on VN road just across the road from it - and so walked past it often. It only took a day and a half before I weakened and went in - and then weakened again and had the Bombay Masala pizza - despite my belief that pizza should only ever have tomato, cheese and maybe a few slices of prosciutto. And nothing else.

I was really glad I did - it's fabulous!

Sid Khullar said...

With a rating like that, it sounds like a 'must try' kind of place.

Gaurav said...


i am not a big fan of Little Italy... Flamboyante in Cuffe Parade also do some amazing pizza and garlic bread.


It is a must go. absolutely.

puja said...


its been my only constant favourite over 5 yrs ever since i became town regular. the farmers veg supreme was great too. For a big appetite i think quad pizza rocks. earlier they used to have 21 small pieces, servers ahve stayed on fr a bit too. they have some bad days though.

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