Sunday, January 18, 2009

Vong Wong

Rest : Vong Wong
Loc : Express Towers, Opp the Hilton, Nariman Point
Meal : Sunday Lunch

My last visit to Vong Wong was above average (here) however since then i have heard many polarizing views about the place, some at the extreme end of good (few though) and many saying how horrible it is.

We set out on Sunday for our little meal towards Indigo Deli but due to delay were given a 20 min wait, the Moshe outlet next door had no power so no go there either. Taj was mentioned briefly but we decided to drop in at Vong Wong and give them another shot.

Vong Wong is a Chinese-Thai restaurant, the place is brilliant for lunch, large, airy well lit, and fairly expansive. Very few stand alone restaurants are as well located or laid out as VW. The place was mostly full and we got one of the last tables.

The menus were produced promptly, they had a Dim Sum menu with pleny of rice, noodle and veggie options as well as one can choose from the regular menu. We ordered from both. We avoided the Thai appetizers, in fact we avoided Thai all together as the last time was not very memorable. The peanuts were nothing like Henry Tham and all the table sauces sucked big time.

What is a Sunday brunch without a bloody mary? i got one and it was brilliant...

the wife got a kiwi cooler which i assure you tasted better than it looks in this picture.

our appetizers were all from the dim sum menu, the crystal dumpling, the chung fun roll were all right. They all tasted the same, sweetish not great flavour.

the steamed mushroom bun was also disappointingly average.

the entree was stir fry veggies with water chestnuts in black bean sauce, good stuff, just the right amount of heat and taste.

The wok fried yellow noodles with veggies were brilliant by themselves and tasted great.

Overall, the food was good but the Dim Sums really need some work. There is very little difference in the way they taste, maybe ordering off the regular menu for the appetizers would be a better idea.

The Service is friendly but def on the slower and forgetful side (the wife's diet coke was forgotten, and despite ordering the drinks immediately they did not come until the appetizers were there)

The place is brilliant for a Sunday lunch and they have these little private rooms segregated by curtains if you are bringing more than 6. Will def return again!

Food : 8/10
Service : 7/10
Damage : 2300 (including a cocktail & a bud)

Vong Wong

Express Towers
First Floor, Ramnath Goenka Marg
Nariman Point, Mumbai
Tel 22875633, 22875634, 22875635

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