Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Cream Centre

Rest : Cream Centre
Meal : Lunch
Loc : Opp Chowpatty Beach

A somewhat authentic Mexican dining experience can be had at Sammy Sosa

Cream Centre is a fairly well known and popular venue with a pretty solid location, i have been going there forever but unfortunately the charm has been lost long ago. It has become part of the Blue Foods group which also runs the Noodle Bar, Bombay Blue & Spaghetti Kitchen & Copper Chimney joints (which except for the last two are more or less mediocre) They have recently been taken over by the Kishore Biyani led Future group.

The menu covers a lot of ground, popular fast food staples like onion rings, corn cheese balls etc, it then moves to offer Indian fast food, Pasta, Pizza and some Mexican. Most of the food is fairly Indianised and covers most ground for a quick, unauthentic but possibly enjoyable meal out.

We had an awesome Ice Tea and some diet coke to drink, there is no alcohol served at Cream Center unlike the others in the Blue Food Chain.

Started with the staple Nachos and cheese, fairly standard, not bad but nothing spectacular at all.

Cream Center was initially always known for its Chole Bhature and its next door neighbor/sister restaurant New Yorkers was the one that offered American fast food. Not so anymore, the sisters have split and the menus are now the same.

The Chole Bhature were okay to taste but they made me sick which says something about what they are made with. Possibly something to avoid but i dont think that is going to happen for most people !

The wife poor thing does not eat Chole Bhature & that left her with not a whole lot to go for, so she chose the pretty average Margherita

I went for the fairly inauthentic half n half enchiladas, served with beans and corn n cheese, it says something when the corn and cheese tastes better than the beans. Served in a hot tomato sauce, while these arent exactly the Tex-Mex enchiladas, in their own Indian way they work nicely. Not great but def above average.

Overall, the place continues to be monotonous but fairly popular, i see less and less reason for going here now that chole bhature is not on my radar.

The service was average, slowish and fairly cold.

Food : 6/10
Service : 6/10
Damage : 1000


mexicanmasala said...

That's Mexican food? Yikes!

Gaurav said...

hahaha.... yeah i know how you feel. but its an indian interpretation. if you leave the authenticity aspect out it is rather good.

however there is really very very few options serving anything close to regular Tex-Mex.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gaurav,
I have heard about your blog from a couple of my friends. I had to ask you, I work in the US and my parents stay in Nerul, Navi Mumbai. I wanted to see if there was a way for dinner and cake to be delivered to them sometime later this month, for their anniversary.Do you recommend a place that serves awesome Indian style food and one that will probably deliver as well?

Gaurav said...

Dear Anonymous,

There are plenty of people that deliver cakes, just google and you will find a few that suit your need.

As for restaurants i am a little blind on that as Nerul/N.Bombay are pretty far for me and i havent really been.

If you can figure out how you would pay the restaurant owner you could probably pick one of the many there. Check out www.burrp.com for a listing.

Anaggh A. Desai said...

Tried it out last week. Pathetic is the only word I can use to describe.

Gaurav said...

its not that bad, you sort of have to just check your expectations i guess.

did you visit the one at Chowpatty or elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

Gaurav, you've got your facts wrong. Cream Centre Chowpatty was never part of the Blue Foods group. The one at Bandra was, and that closed down when Biyani acquired Blue.

The original owners retain control of the Cream Centre brand, and would be ecstatic if you could give us another chance. We're in Goregaon (E) too now at the Oberoi Mall.

www.creamcentre.com : We're expanding all over India!

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