Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Swati Snacks

Rest: Swati
Meal : Dinner
Location : Near Bhatia Hospital, Tardeo.

Ended up back at Swati as my wife had a burning desire for some Panki. I had some work in the neighbourhood so we mixed in business with gastronomy.

So the panki was what we ordered, two versions, the mint and the chutney. Panki is a traditional gujarati snack not found everywhere, its like a uttapam or a chila but steamed between leaves and served with chillies and chutney. Delicious.

I also got the Dahi Misal, which is a more traditional Maharashtrian snack and it was just incredible. I haven't had such a good one anywhere, it was less spicy than usual and maybe thats why the taste came out so well.

The wife wanted some good old batata vada and we got some but i was not too impressed. no real taste or bent of any kind, plain, simple & boring.

the whole thing was topped of by the baked masala khichadi. Fantastic, not as spicy as usual again and a good call. piping hot, it was just delicious with a capital D. do ask for extra dahi (curd), it will go very well with the heat.

Overall the food was great, the service was quick and friendly.

Swati is a great option to get a taste of Indian snacks in an upmarket ambiance and a hygienic setting. They also serve two of the coolest and uniquely Bombay things, the Kala Khatta Gola (sort of like a slurpy on a stick) & Sugarcane juice.

Food : 9/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 300

Swati Snacks

248 Karai Estate, Tardeo Road
Opposite Bhatia Hospital
Tardeo, Mumbai
Phone 66808405, 66808406


Soham Shah said...

I'm a frequent visitor of Swati Snacks in Ahmedabad .. I just love it ..

My fav items r Dahi batata puri , gatta subzi and vada pav ..

Gaurav said...


hey, i didnt go to swati for the longest time as it was too close to home.

cant get enough now.

PrianCa said...

i quite like swati... first went there when that atrocious flat clothesline building was still under construction... yes, ages back... then visited the ahmedabad place too, and that wtf?!??! then again came to Tardeo Swati about 7 months back and almost fell when i saw the whole revamped place... but the food remains consistently great..

i actually came lookign for it on your blog because of three reasons:
1. you're a vegetarian, so would know what a fellow vegie looks for
2. i wanted to know exactly what would fill me up, cuz i always end up feeling hungry
3. cuz i wanted to know if you've got a better otion for it! and yeah yeah... there's nothing better...

on the next post, yes, i've been to Soam and quite loved that as well.

Gaurav said...


What building are you talking about?

Around 14 years ago Swati was just like Kamats (which is a few meters down the street) ordinary South Indian snacks.

Then somehow they rebooted into their present avatar and have never looked back.

Swati is one of the more unique spots considering the total offering. Soam is similar yet different but not as good in anyway. I dont go there much anymore.

Thanks for your comment.


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