Thursday, October 02, 2008


typical gola shop

Yesterday i had a quintessential Bombay experience, nothing to do with trains or traffic, i had a gola. A gola (literally means ball or even grenade) is ball of ice stuck into a stick, you then dip it in flavoured syrups and suck on it. Kinda like a slurpy but with a little more work.

the one i had was a kala khatta (literally salty black) which is a fairly unique flavor, sweet and sour tang with some added black salt mixture.

There are a bunch of flavors such as Orange, there is a simple one with just lemon juice and water as well. There is a more exotic one with milk and cream which tastes pretty amazing and is expensive too (40-50 rs) compared to the normal flavoured gola (15 rs)

The best place to get one of these is Swati if you are a hygeine freak or at Chowpatty beach.

This thing rocks, a little fun never killed anyone :)


Kapil said...

You could also try and get a gola at:

A vendor outside Police Gymkhana on Marine Drive. Just next to main bridge which comes from Crawford market side.


Of course Juhu Chowpatty also gives you some good options.

Gaurav said...

you know, i got your message on my blackberry and i was on my walk. so i walked by chowpatty and got my gola fix.

ill def give the gymkhana chap a shot. Juhu is too far though.


Anonymous said...

15 rups for a gola. Ive been away tooo long.

Gaurav said...

try 35 bucks for a gogola, apparently made with mineral water. tasted like crap and the wife got sick anyway...

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...sounds like a gola...with a stutter.

Gaurav said...

its actually a take off on google...

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