Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Crystal !

Rest : Crystal
Loc : Chowpatty next to Gant
Meal : Early dinner

So a rainy evening and the need for a quick, non-fussy dinner. We hit Crystal bang at 7pm and got lucky because in 20 mins there was a wait for a table. The place like i have mentioned before is small, unglamarous, dhaba like but with some seriously good food. Take it from someone as snobby as me.

While it is unfussy and sort of small, the service is fairly quick and you wont have to wait very long for anything.

Make sure you get some Chaas (buttermilk) or Thums up, the only two things you should have with food like this.

It is very easy to go through 4 chapattis but the rajma chawal(rice) is also a must have to pace yourself.

We got the Paneer Masala which was slightly spicy but just as good as the fluffy salty burji. The Chana masala was excellent. As was the Rajma Chawal.

The food is light, home style and very very easy on the wallet. If anyone ever kicks you out of home, you could easily subsist on this...

Food : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : for 2 Rs.200


Anonymous said...
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Jeep Parts said...
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Kapil said...

Crystal is another office team favorite. I took a North Indian writer from our office and he couldn't thank me less that this place served one of the most yummy channa masala in Mumbai. And I completely agree with the "you can't have the meal here without Thumbs Up or Chaas". They serve some good "kheer".

Manan said...

the kheer is to die for.
easily one of the better places to have paneer bhurji as well. personally i thought the paneer bhurji here is better than egg bhurji at a lot of places.
Cheers :)

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