Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Rest : Zenzi
Location : Link Road, Bandra West
Meal : Dinner
Company : Mr.TSI!

I haven't been to Zenzi in years, mostly because its been part of the suburban scene for a while now. My last visit was years ago, before i started writing about food. Honestly, i regret it because my recent experience food wise was absolutely excellent.

Zenzi is located at Waterfeld Road and has a pretty good spot on a busy road. Its become an after work drinks location since there arent that many in Bandra. The place has an outdoor bar with great lighting, while indoors is dim but air conditioned (someone ought to fuse them as my good friend Mr.TSI pointed out)

We started with drinks Gin n Tonic was prefered and i must say there is nothing better than this on a warm summer night.

We moved in for dinner, went for their Wok, which was veggies stir fried served with 4 noodles (yes you read that right) this was absolutely a mind numbingly good dish, no complaints except for portion size. Drool worthy, very very tasty. The Thai Red curry was also excellent, rather than do something heavy and spicy they have gone with something lighter with more veggies and tons of taste.

Overall the food was absolutely excellent, however the service is slow, absent minded and half witted. The place itself has not changed in all this while and you can see the wear and tear on its walls. Time to call the architect i reckon.

The crowd sucks, tv types, model types, loud obnoxious foreigners, if you can look past these considerable faults you will be delighted to find some excellent Asian food. They have Italian on the menu too but i haven't tried. Will go back soon.

Food : 9/10
Service : 4/10
Damage : 2 Entrees, 3 drinks 2000+

183, Waterfield Road,
Bandra (W) Mumbai
Tel : 66430670

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