Thursday, May 29, 2008

Best Tomato Soup Ever

Hornby's Pavilion as many of you will know is one of my fav late night eating joints. I prefer it over Trattoria as they offer a much greater variety of cuisine as well as a running buffet at anytime you are present there. After the closure of Palms and the abject down ward spiral of Shamiana, there isn't much of a choice at 2am.

Recently at another 1.30 am jaunt I had the pleasure of having the best bowl of soup in recent memory at Hornby's Pavilion at the ITC Grand Central. The plain old tomato soup was taken to some serious heights at this place and its worth trekking over there just for a sip.

I made fun of my wife for choosing tomato soup, face it, its not the most attractive of choices, especially considering the menu on hand. However, i had a spoon full and i was hooked. i asked for one myself, herbs, garlic and maybe some black magic. The taste was good, it bordered on being a complex sauce rather than a simple soup.

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