Monday, April 14, 2008

Noodle Bar - No No Bar

Noodle Bar is part of the Blue foods group which runs quite a few restaurants (Bombay Blue, Spagetti Kitchen amongst others) Their strategy is the same, provide a generic, fine dine, minimalist ambiance and marry it to Indianised versions of whatever cuisine you are serving.

Initially Noodle bar were an acceptable option for Oriental food, lately things have changed drastically. The place itself is showing signs of wear and tear and the look itself is now getting boring. Spaghetti Kitchen is really the only acceptable place they run.

Food : The food is mostly Oriental (though they do offer nachos for the weirdos) so you have a smattering of Chinese, Thai & Japanese. Since i was the only person eating, we went for the Schezwan sizzler which is basically noodles, mushrooms, spring rolls, paneer and greenbeans.

The food was ok, nothing great, the downside being, one its not authentic, two its not tasty enough. I don't mind Indian Chinese but it has to be done right just throwing in mushrooms and paneer and hot sauce does not equal taste.

M stomach did not feel very happy an hour after the meal and it shows their carelessness with materials and quality. I reckon the restaurant is more or less dead, it seems the people who used to patronize it knew their food and have since moved on to other restaurants. I think their best days are behind them.

Drink : They still do a killer ice tea, i would highly recommend the lemon version, everything else is too sweet.

Food 4/10, Service 7/10

Damage 520

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Nandita said...

ANy blue foods restaurant gives me the BLUES, so i stay as far away from them as I can manage...Bombay Blues being the most terrible of them, and others following in quick succession! With the quality of the BJN group and their rapid expansion, Blue Food will soon be into the blue and lost I guess (I hope too)
Have a nice week...

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