Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Falafels Veg Hummus House

Falafels Veg Hummus house is quite a popular little destination for those who want a quick bite, its a much better alternative to places like McDonalds or a street food joint. There is one near my house and one right next to my office.

Past weekend on my way back from the bookstore, the wife and i decided to just pop in for a quick bite. Unfortunately for us, it was anything but quick. While i know Sundays are bad, this was just plain nuts.

The only thing they seemed to be doing right was taking the orders down, fast & furious. However after that the guys just had no clue. Ended up waiting there and making silly jokes with others who were waiting as well (turns out i was cracking lame ass jokes with Manish Acharya the director of the very funny Loins of Punjab)

Eventually It took about 20 minutes to get my order served, that too despite standing on their head and reminding (very nicely)

Add to that no pickles, too much hot sauce, i ended up with a pretty unsatisfying meal. Not too happy about it.

I know it was a Sunday and i know its not all readymade but come on guys. 20 mins to put hummus, tahina, some veggies together in a pita?

Food 3/10 Service 3/10
Damage 195


Nandita said...

Tried this place on a SAturday afternoon two weeks ago...not many people so it was good and i liked the stuff too :) Went to the COlaba branch

Anonymous said...


I have been a silent reader for a long time. Whenever I visit bombay I'm going to take a printout of your posts.

Please continue your review.


Gaurav said...

The place is allright. Had some hummus picked up last night. The service is far below anything acceptable, they arent rude just not well trained enough.


Pleasure is mine mate, drop us a line and i point out whatever hasnt made it onto the blog yet.

Nandita said...

Yeah it is a good idea to pick a jar of hummus in a hurry, instead of soaking, cooking, grinding the chick peas :) Our nearest is at Bandra, but I guess they;ll be opening around Juhu soon...There's another such Lebanese place in one of the malls near Lokhandwala, called Moez or so, read in the paper and added to Burrp...waiting for someone to review.

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