Monday, March 03, 2008

Spagetti Kitchen

Dinner at the Spagetti Kitchen with the wife and a her friend. We got in about 9 and were seated right away. I like the looks of the place, always have, its pretty large and airy probably the best set up Blue Foods restaurant.

Overall, the visit was average. I was surprised as the food and service on my last visit was absolutely top notch. This time around however, the food was dissapointing. Started off with the mushroom capuccino, served with a musrhoom biscotti, not bad at all but still not great in any way. Slightly above average.

Next up was Bruschetta, which comes with tomato and mushroom toppings equally divided. Not bad again but nothing spectacular.

The main course was the margerita done cracked style (excellent) the spagetti in pomodoro (terrible, undercooked and got there immediately so i know it had been sitting around) the lasagna with spinach was average, again came too early.

In my opinion you cant pre-make these things and then expect them to be served when the time comes. thats crap. I am so glad i didnt order the risotto, it would have been murder. It does not take much to cook up pasta fresh.

Either way, the last thing was dessert chocolate biscotti which though Italian sounding was just vanilla ice cream with some brownie base and choc sauce.

Overall a very dissapointing meal, (should have gone for the vodka penne anyway) hopefully its just an off night for them.

Drinks were : Peach Ice Tea (too sweet ) Lemon (excellent )

Food 6/10 Service 7/10

Damage : 2000

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