Saturday, March 15, 2008


Restaurant : Indigo
Location : Colaba,
Company: Ze Wife, Bambi, Pat, Ank, Fos
Meal : Dinner

A return to Indigo, after a very long time (nearly a year) the place has changed slightly, everything seems newer, the chairs are still uncomfortable.

A place like Indigo is a cut above the rest of the fine dine or ultra expensive joints in this city. They have imagination and they aren't bound by any cuisine or palate. You will find risotto along with miso soup and soba noodles. It seems weird to read on the same space but it fits.

Indigo is also fairly expensive (dinner for two without drinks would run you a minimum of 1700 for an appetizer, main, dessert) so its not cheap but its no more expensive than Vetro (terrible) or Souk (weak) however the experience is far more superior.

I wont say the food is always great, as some of the dishes may or may simply be too much on the eclectic side, likely its down to our palate which is used to heavy, loud flavors that linger. They try harder with the food than some of the other comparable joints so i am willing to forgive a miss once in a while.

One of the plus points of going to Indigo is you are guaranteed not to be around any of the Bollywood junta, the tv people and other C-Listers. Thankfully they stick to Olive and whatever else is considered cool in the burbs.

We started with mushroom soup with garlic chips, creamy, different taste. Not too much mushroom, not too much garlic, sort of different with what you collect from in there.

The appetizers were common, potato stuffed with goat cheese, the other was potato with something. Both were ok, the goat cheese was fantastic.

The mains were Gorogonzola Risotto (good, not overpowered by such a strong cheese) Fettucine in wine and cream with green beans and capers (excellent, though very heavy and along the lines of the soup) the penne with lime and cottage cheese (excellent again) the couscous served with a beet bed and stuffed cottage cheese didn't work at all. It was too complicated, the taste was just all over the place and the beet was too strong a taste to have in there. Nature of the beast i suppose. Hit & Miss.

We were too full for the dessert so had to pass, though i was looking forward to the Creme Brulee or the sorbet.

The service was friendly, yet a little slow in clearing the plates and table.

The cocktails are fairly competently made, The Bloody Mary is still the best in the city.

Food : 8/10 Service 8/10
Damage was 10,000 for 6.

4, Mandlik Road,



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Anonymous said...

I went to Indigo earlier this year and I loved the food. I had the strip steak and it was very good. As for people watching, there was a party of some sorts to celebrate the Ruia wedding and the whos who of Bombay social set had descended up on Indigo which did not make the place any less fun.

Although what do you think of the food at Shiro? I have gone there for drinks but never for food.

Gaurav said...

Indigo just has that different sort of clientèle. They dont attract that many film folk because 1) its far 2) they are looked down upon this side of town.

Shiro - See, i have never been a sushi person though i love my teppan. However every time i end up in that compound i invariably end up at Hard Rock (yeah i admit it) for the nachos and cocktails. So i really have not been to Shiro for the food. I love the ambiance though but the location is shite. However if you have Japanese on the mind head over to Wasabi. The last word in this country.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, Wasabi looks like serious damage though :) I like the hard rock as well the space is huge and drinks are nice.

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