Monday, October 09, 2006

Lotus Cafe


Rest : Lotus Cafe
Meal : Birthday Dinner
Date : 2/10/2006
Location : J W Mariott
Company : Pie, Vishal

Experience -  We walked around the entire hotel hoping for something interesting food wise. But all the other restaurants Saffron, Mezzo Mezzo offer a very generic experience so we settled on the Lotus Cafe which had a bloody buffet but atleast variety.

Drink : Spicy Tom (Best F****** drink ever had two) Brownie shake, they made it specially for pie.

Food : Well it was a buffet. They had a limited salad bar, cheese and crackers, soups (very weak selection of one veg and one non veg) No pasta selection, a pizza stand (avg pizza) tempura stand (above average) pasta made to order would have been nice too. No real selection of breads. The majority of the food was indian so you had some good paneer, excellent dal, your usual nan, biryani, yoghurt etc etc. The Desserts were allright too, nice big selection, cakes, cheesecakes, choc fondue thingy, ice creams. End of the day only thing memorable was the bloody drink, spicy tom.  

Rating : Food 9/10, Service 6/10

Damage : 1800 ($40)

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