Monday, September 18, 2006


Rest : Corleone
Meal : Sunday Brunch
Date : 18/9/2006
Location :The Intercontinental, Marine Drive
Company : Pie

Experience - 1 pm sunday afternoon,proper italian in mind. Only real options are Trattoria at the president, i wouldnt mind but its just too generic an experience or Vetro which i dont know enough about and expect to be a complete rip off as well.We got a prime table, overlooking marine drive. excellent location. Service was top notch. best i have had in a while. Attentive, caring and non intrusive.

Drink : Lemon Something (not lemonade) Ice Tea

Food : Before i begin, everyone needs to try that lemon drink. holy cow, it was good. it was coke, mint, lemon, sugar etc. It was a complete wow. Now the soups were Pomodor (tomato) which was excellent, well done, unique taste and Minestrone (very bad) bland, tasteless and no amount of salt and pepper solved anything. The appetizer was mushroom in olive oil and stuffing. Very good, the oil and stuffing didnt overpower the mushrooms taste. We then went for a pizza The siciliana which was sundried tomato, two cheeses, olives. Not too bad. thin crust, well made, i dont like olives, but it was pretty good.
Next time im going to go for pastas (they have an impressive selection) and leave pizzas out. For dessert we got the Lindt special, which was a lindt choc brownie with icecream. not too bad. but not worth the 20 min wait.
overall a good meal and def go there again.

Rating : Food 9/10, Service 9.5/10

Damage : 1600($35 )

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