Friday, May 26, 2006

Pot Pourri

Rest : Pot Pourri
Meal : Late Lunch
Date : 26/5/2006
Location : Turner Road, Bandra.
Company : Pie

Experience - In Bandra AGAIN. This is becoming a habit. Was on my way from a meeting and decided to meet a friend for lunch. Another friend recommended Pot Pourri and i was right across the street from it. i decided to stop in. Its a nice cozy place, Al-Fresco in a way except for the temp roof. No Parking, is murder. There werent a lot of people there so the help was almost exclusively ours.

Drink : Diet Pepsi, Brownie Shake
Food : Interesting menu. They cover a lot of ground from sandwiches to salads to pastas. A very limited soup menu however. Anyway since i was hungry i went for the roasted red sauce with penne which is really a long way of saying Arrabiatta. Pie went for A hash brown burger. The pasta was good. Slightly spicier then i liked, but still impressively done. I enjoyed it immensely. The burger again was solid. Very good, didnt fall apart which is good. Tasty. Served with fries and a half hearted salad. The brownie shake was not good at all. Not enoug brownie, not enough taste. For dessert we got the irish whisky choc thing and mousse. both were average at best. the mousse being the better bet.

Rating : Food 8.5/10, Service 8.5/10

Damage : 550 ($14)

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