Monday, May 22, 2006

China White

Rest : China White
Meal : Sunday Brunch
Date : 21/5/2006
Location : Turner Road, Bandra.
Company : PK,Anie Vishal

Experience - In Bandra AGAIN. Well another of my Bandra sojourn. Its like ive discovered a whole new world of new food. Im so glad i avoided Bandra for so long. The place is done up very nicely. Interesting decor, dimmish lighting. I liked it.
Drinks - Diet Coke, Water, Ice Tea.

Food : Rather expansive menu. We ordered, noodle soup, wonton soup, hot n sour mushroom bun, spring rolls, schezuan potato, singapore noodles. Soups were on the money. I liked mine very much, the noodle soup was kind of blandish, didnt taste the hot and sour. The schezuan potato wasnt what we thought it was. it ended up being very french fryish. Not good. The mushroom bun off the dim sum menu was very very good. The spring rolls were horrible, the noodles were average. I think we messed up coz we were so busy chatting that we didnt really pay attention to what was being ordered. So even though it was dissapointing, i think we would be allright if we went in again and ordered peacefully.

Rating : Food 5/10, Service 8/10

Damage : 1500 ($35)

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