Friday, October 21, 2005


Rest : Monza
Time : Dinner
Date : October 20th 2005
Location : Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel.
Company : Gautam

Experience: We walked in around 9pm into the newly opened restaurant. Gambled against getting a table. It was busy but they seated us right away.

Order : Hummus platter (spicy, original, red) Minestrone, Penne in pesto, Penne in Arabbiata.

Drinks : Pinot Noir, Aquafina.

Food: The hummus was fantastic. The tastes were different yet seemed to go in the same direction. Good hummus is hard to find in this city and the Monza crew have done well to mix mediterranean with the italian. Like one of my fav restaurants the Aladdin chain of Upstate New York (Rochester, Syracuse, Ithaca) The pesto was fantastic, warm, creamy and full of taste, slightly heavier and gravier than the usual dry pesto one would expect. The Arabbiata was spicy, peppery in its taste, interesting taste by itself but when compared to the pesto it seemed like the loser. Fortunately my brother who had ordered the pesto didnt like it and prefered the Arabiata so we switched. The dissapointing thing about the restaurant is that being a wine bar, they dont have a Riesling selection. This is bordering on criminal. Secondly they need to offer a bit more in terms of garnish like pepper, Parmesan (an unacceptable oversight). Lastly the portions are so ridiculously small that we really had to go out and get a pizza on the way home. It was in no way filling at all and felt like i was eating a childs portion.

Overall : I would give the food an 8/10 while the Service 8/10 but its not a value for money meal by a longshot.

Damage : 1500 INR ($40)

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