Friday, October 07, 2005

Golden Dragon

Rest : Golden Dragon*
Time : Dinner
Date : October 4th 2005
Location : Taj Mahal Hotel.
Company : Gautam, Vishal

Experience: We had a table for 9 and we got there on time, were immediately seated by the hostess. The menus came in almost immediately and the wait staff was generally pretty friendly.

Order : Schezuan being their specialty we got some schezuan style paneer, also a mushroom appetizer, Some babycorn in a garlic sauce. Noodles with vegetables sans broccoli prepared Schezuan style, white rice, vegetables in a brownish garlic sauce.

Drinks : Aquafina

Food: The mushrooms were incredible. Melt in your mouth, explode into taste and make you wanting more. The rest of the meal was a mini anti climax. The noodles were good, spicy but well done. The vegetables were allright, not the most tasteful thing but they were a good compliment to the rest of the meal. The wait staff was very good in making the recommendations some of which worked, some didnt. Overall a splendid meal, almost the best you can get BUT it didnt explode like the mushrooms so it was a relatively dissapointing but still a great meal.

Overall : I would give the food a 9/10 Service 9/10.

Damage : 2400 INR ($60)

Reservations are a must*

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