Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Indigo Deli Colaba

Having struck out at getting a walk in Table at The Table (Not funny) we walked into Indigo Deli w Baby Jain for a quick dinner. 

Their famed pizzas are still awesome, especially this one, the pesto. just awesome. 

its one of the dishes that's been on the menu forever and one knows what is coming. however 
the risotto was not the freshest thing, having been made and perhaps flash warmed.. its not hard to tell. 

unfortunately the baked mac and cheese was completely runny. we tried to get them to fix it but the same problem came back. runny cheese. usually its not as runny and the crust is burnt. so clearly this was not cooked properly. also the chowderish sauce, is dangerous if made early and left sitting. i got violently sick after a similar dish at Ellipsis. 

overall, the standards and the occupancy both seem to have fallen at Indigo Deli and the place really needs to re invent itself, not so much from the menu standpoint but from the quality standpoint. There has been lots of drama on the management side but they shouldn't let the food and customers suffer.

Have been a long term patron and its sad to see things in this state, the service was good, they didnt charge us for the risotto but its getting harder and harder to defend them (i was able to pull out a picture on my phone from another meal a few months ago so they couldn't argue much)

I think Phoenix is their best outlet. 

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Pooja Mahimkar said...

Nice post. Would avoid going

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