Friday, February 06, 2015

Sassy Spoon

Rest : Sassy Spoon
Meal : Dinner
Loc : Express Towers, Nariman Point.

Finally, Mrs Jain, Miss Jain and i set out to have dinner, this was the Mrs J's first night out since December, was our wedding anniversary and was also the first time Miss Jain was going to be out in public. we chose Sassy Spoon because it wasnt too far from home and there would be no parking issues. In addition, a bunch of family members were there a few days ago and loved it. 

So, the space is kinda rustic in a hipster sort of way, if you dont look around at people you dont feel like you are in Bombay. there is an  outdoors section which is a good choice on Feburary evenings. The menu is predominantly Italian-Mediterranean. I didnt see any salads on the dinner menu but i am told they do serve that as well as sandwiches at lunch as well as a breakfast menu on weekends. 

Bread basket was strictly okay. nothing great. 

The White Onion & Smoked Scarmoza was excellent, though i didnt get a very strong onion flavour in it, nor was the cheese overpowering the taste. it was somewhere in the middle. A light start to the meal.

The Ricotta Ravioli with walbuts & pine nuts was just fantastic. A garlic infused sauce, this should be a main, its a shame its on the appetizer list. I wouldnt order ravioli for an appetizer but this was higly recommended by mates and def a must have. 

The berry cooler with bluebrry, some orange and lots of kala khatta. i never get coolers because they are always weird mixes but anything kala khatta i will try and it was freaking awesome. a little too sweet but still diabolically delicious. 

spaghetti in lemon buerre and parmesan was lovely. dryish, the lemon flavour was very subtle. Mrs Jain who is a fan of aglio olio style, enjoyed this a great deal. 

while, i loved my mushroom tortelini in a porcini sauce. both things worked well together and the dish tasted fantastic. i found this to be superior to the spaghetti. while mrs Jain found it otherwise. 

the rasberry sorbet was way too sweet, sickly sweet in fact. 

the mousse cake was good but i ate it under protest because frankly, mousse is just boring. 

Overall, the ambiance is lovely and the food excellent, no complaints, other than the fact that the portions are kind of smallish, a little bit more would be very welcome, or maybe i am just a greedy pig and shouldnt be complaining.

The service though was outstanding. We were out with a baby for the first time and they went out of their way to be helpful, got us an extra chair, helped set up the carry cot so we could keep Miss Jain in the middle. They were on the money with the recommendations as well.

If they can dial down their propensity for going overboard when sugar is in play, this would be damn near perfect.

Super impressed.

Food : 8/10
Service : 9/10
Damage : 3000 without drinks.


Bhairav said...

COngrats on the baby :D

Gaurav said...

thanks @bhairav

Soham Shah said...

Congrats !! Enjoy the parenthood :)

Gaurav said...

thanks @Soham !

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