Saturday, May 10, 2014

Crystal - A Summer Lunch

Rest : Crystal
Loc : Chowpatty
Meal : Lunch

After a long gap of not being able to dine out due to several issues, i finally persuaded my buddy CJ to tag along to lunch at Crystal. The bandra boy that he is, he had never been there and i thought he would appreciate the food being the Punjabi that he is.

Having been there many, many times i decided a while ago to order things that i didnt order on my previous visit. So we got the Malai Kofta which was excellent, tender koftas with the spicyish gravy, the always excellent Paneer Butter Masala and the ever dependable Chana Masala.

Not pictured here are the myriad glasses of their sickly sweet chaas and bottles of thums up (a must to wash down this kind of a meal) Finished off with their most excellent Rajma Chawal.

This being summer and the month of the Alphonso, bypassed the usual order of Kheer for the chilled Aam Ras, looks good and it tasted even better.
Overall, the food continues to be excellent, has become a little more expensive but still value for money this. Service is super quick. One of my fav places in the world, still. 

Food : 8/10
Serv : 7/10
Damage : 600 


Charanjeev said...

+ that 10 billion idea ;)

The food was the opposite of the ambiance - Great.

A simple place, run by friendly people.

Soham Shah said...

From the photo, it looks typical desi Indian restaurant whose food I love to relish - chopped onions with Nimbu, Malai Kofta, paneer Butter Masala, Foola Roti and AAM Ras in Steel Bown - Can't get desier than this. Awesome stuff !!

Gaurav said...

its as desi as one can get i believe in South Bombay anyway. very home style,no frills food and experience.

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