Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Soup Spoon - Singapore

I love the Soup Spoon and make it a point to swing by whenever i can. A native Singapore brand, they have grown over the years and with good reason. Started by college mates it only makes sense they things at a fairly reasonable price. Their 12.50 lunch special is a steal (soup+ sandwich+drink)

The hearty minestrone is meatless and freaking delicious. Rather than go bland or stay on the neutral/bland side, their version is a little stronger to taste and the added kidney beans really make this rock. Much love for this bowl. One day i am going to try their large bowl.. 

their half sandwich is served with a rather boring salad but the sandwich itself is perfect. the wet lettuce is a distinctly Asian touch but it works nonetheless. 

the ice tea is less sugar and more tea.

Overall, they are a good comfy place to have a healthy lunch which is value for money. service is almost immediate and you can be in and out in 20 mins. 

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