Saturday, June 01, 2013

Swati Snacks

Rest : Swati
Meal : Dinner
Loc : Tardeo

Swati is ol faithful and a quick walk round the corner from my place. A bunch of friends wanted to dine there and we walked up to find a 20 min wait on a Monday, they must be making money hand over fist. 

I wont go into the details as i have reviewed them enough times before, suffice to say, they took and got them out to the haute set, the menu is pretty much the greatest hits of all ethnic dishes across from India, comfort food at its most comfortable. 

The Panki Chutney was amazing as usual, we got like three, its a dish that got its popularity via Swati and must not be missed. 

The days special was the Palak Appam & Stew, not bad at all, immensely enjoyable, again we got a bunch. 

the baked masala khichadi is legendary and still amazing with its caramelized onions and baked yoghurt. 

the dahi misal is one of my fav things here and i always get it, in fact if i see misal on a menu anywhere i get it. 

the mysore sada was pretty lame. avoid any south indian dishes here, not their strongpoint. 

mrs J says that the Dahi Puri at Swati is the best she has ever had (and she is from Delhi) and she knows a thing or two about chaat.
overall, if you have not been to Swati, finish reading this and rush there because its an essential Bombay experience, a must do. Its not cheap considering the kind of food they are serving but its quick, comfortable and most importantly hygienic.

Food : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 1700 for 4. 


Soham said...

I always enjoy dining at Swati in Ahmedabad. Only problem is, they always have huge waiting.

Prices of dishes have really gone up since last 2-3 yrs so it's a big hole to the pocket.

Gaurav said...

same story here, its relatively expensive and super busy.

desh said...

arre how come I have never had thr baked masala khichdi!!!

Stephanie Ann said...

I've yet to visit India but your food photos make it look worth the trip. :)

Gaurav said...

well Steph, get on a plane !

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