Monday, April 01, 2013

Banana Leaf

Rest : Banana Leaf
Meal : Lunch Dinner
Loc : Somewhere in Versova

The last month has been quite trying on me, having to drive long distances into the suburbs, for work which can be testing and many a time not being able to get decent food, such is the location of the studios where i have ended up working in.

On one such evening, when we had eaten absolutely nothing since breakfast, i happened to call @Anaggh to play Virgil to my Dante and guide me through the infernal maze that is this part of the world can be to the uninitiated. 

A pleasant looking space with indoors and outdoors seating, the weather was okay so we sat outside and since we were starving we gorged on the chutneys which were pretty good.

Mrs J is on a fresh juices kick of late and that is all she drinks, she went for orange which was pleasant but could have done without the added sugar. 

the buter milk was nice, not as tangy or sour as i would expect but still fairly refreshing. 

The Butter Idli looked like anything we have had before, very unlike the flaky, disc shaped cakes one usually gets, these were gentle mounds, flattened and just tasted different and better. super impressed. 

I chose the Thali as i wanted to get a feel for their dishes and the truth is it was pretty good. nothing on there was disappointing however nothing was spectacular either.

Good curd rice, a little chilly and some pickle would go a long way however, chutney isnt the best accompaniment. 

Overall, i liked the food, it has potential, they have quite a few curries and stews that are of interest to me and its a pity i only made it here after my weeks of eating mostly crappy food in the area. Its pretty modestly priced but on the higher side for a South Indian joint.

Food : 8/10
Service : 7/10
Damage: 650

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