Saturday, January 12, 2013


Rest : Trattoria
Meal : Lunch
Loc : Vivanta by Taj, Cuffe Parade

Trattoria along with China Garden is a part of growing up in this part of town. All through the years its been one of the stops for post mid night hunger pangs or when one has a hankering for comfort foods. I've seen them go through two renovations and they just reopened after a third. 

I didnt get a lot of time with the menu as i was dining my friend and his wife.. like all good husbands we let our wives dictate terms. Whatever i did see was  few more soups and appetizers on the menu, so there has been some tweaking. 

The place looks different but the noise is still the same, Trats has been a fish market ever since i can remember. Although i dont think i have ever been there for lunch, so it was pleasant to be seated by the windows with sun light streaming in. 

The garlic bread was spot on and unfortunately it only flattered the meal that was to come. 

The Asparagus on goat cheese was a major disappointment, the asparagus tasted of nothing, the onions were sweetish and the only thing adding taste. The goat cheese was disturbing, cold, hard and chewy at least a week old.

The gnocchi too was just below average, like someone just three together a few things and couldn't be bothered to do more.

The Lasagna which i consider to be on par with their pizza and is usually served well baked and leaning slightly towards a gravy was, this time around it was just too runny and more like a thick soup than a lasagna.

The Fiamma was good, no complaints. 

Found the Tiramisu to be fairly disappointing especially as only a few days ago i had a kick ass one at Pizza Metro Pizza in Bandra.

Overall, the makeover is okay but it has certainly not made the ambiance any better. Also, the food was below average and possibly lazily put together which is highly disappointing. This past month has seen a great many new pizzerias open up, some good and some horrible, my experience at Trattoria slots them somewhere in the bottom half, which is disappointing.

I have always considered The President to have the best restaurants and now Trattoria is firmly the weakest of their three. So if they want to remain a mainstay they need to get their act together.

The service was deferential but cold, when asked what we thought, we told them how bad the cheese was but they just smiled and said okay.

I really hope this isn't a trend.

Food : 6/10
Service : 6/10
Damage: 4500 for four.

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