Monday, February 21, 2011

Bespoke Cafe

Rest : Bespoke Cafe
Meal : Late Afternoon Snack
Loc : The Collective, Palladium, High Street, Phoenix Mills.

So, my kid brother is finally getting married this week in Calcutta, we were in Palladium sorting out his wedding kit etc and needed to snack.

Not wanting to walk around too much we decided to head into Bespoke Cafe since we were already at the Collective.

I have been to Bespoke Cafe a few times before and have done a few meetings here. The place really does lend itself nicely to a work environment. Although fairly small, it reminds me of Chambers somewhat (the few times i have been there)

It has this old world feel to it, with the high back leather chairs, the sofas and the wood panelling. Very different from most places you would go to.

The menu is fairly limited. They have some omelettes, salads and pastas as well as some dips. Not a large menu at all but enough to serve out a decent lunch for a few people.

The space is good enough for a you to sit and be comfortable as well as get some work done if needs be.

I got the spinach and pesto dip, which was way oversalted. difficult to eat. Healthy it maybe but tasted horrid.

The cappuccino was not bad at all.

The tomato and goat cheese sandwich became the tomato and feta as they were out of goat cheese. Not bad at all. A decent effort.

I have had the salads here before and they weren't bad. All in all its a nice space, with a great ambiance and average food. Check it out if you stop by when tired of shopping or want a quiet corner to get some work done.

Food : 6/10
Service : 6/10
Damage : 600.


Sassy Fork said...

I liked the place too.The Omelette and Pasta were quite good thought I did think they should have served more bread with the omelette.Love the library like ambience,specially in the rains

Linhy said...

Looks really good!! I can't wait to move to Bombay real soon!!!

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