Monday, December 13, 2010

Vong Wong Sunday Brunch - Closing the book !

Rest : Vong Wong
Meal : Sunday Brunch
Loc : Express Towers, Nariman Point

Vong Wong started out with a lot of promise but never quite lived up to any. Serving Chinese & Thai, they have been patchy most of the time and have never quite done well on any count.

The Sunday brunch we tried out on my brothers recommendation (825 or 1200 with booze) on retrospect, should have chosen with booze option so i could just drink my way through the meal.

The spread was not very expansive and included very unoriental things like Labneh, Hummus & Baba Ganoush (none of which were any good)

Anyway, onwards and downwards.

Started off with the Tom Yum which was weird. It seemed halfway through preparation someone had decided to go from Tom Kha and then switched to Tom Yum. too much coconut.

The Som Tam was okay but the middle eastern dips were pretty disgusting.

The Dim sum, there were three or 4 kinds were also all pretty sub par. Nothing tasty at all, bland and sweetish.

The Caesar salad was not mad, saving grace of the salad section.

The mashed potato was excellent, i dont know how they managed it but it was top notch.

too sweet.

The main courses were horrible. The mushrooms were weird, the pasta (WTF) was actually okay, the other veggie i didnt have the courage to try. The Thai Curry and rice were actually above average.

Tiramisu was pretty good, there were no thai or chinese desserts.

The place was full but i think Vong Wong have lost the plot, i think its a waste of such fine, expansive space and they really ought to have a good look at what it is they are trying to be because they certainly arent doing well as a restaurant.

Food : 4/10
Service : 6/10
Damage : for four without drinks 4000


The knife said...

that's a rather costly lesson :(

Soul Care said...
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