Sunday, March 21, 2010

Woodside Inn

Rest : Woodside Inn
Meal : Sunday Lunch
Loc : Opp Regal Cinema, Colaba.

Woodside Inn has never really been on my radar, not until the recent redesign anyway. Post the renovation it has become a popular watering hole for corporate types in the area as well as students. Possibly due to its menu which is made up of mostly popular dishes, as well as reasonably priced drinks.

The space itself is split over two levels and seating is fairly limited on the higher floor. The lower floor is the bar area.

i was there for a lunch with cousins and family on a lazy Sunday afternoon. the space was full and quite a few people pop in for breakfast as well. If coming with a large party, its best to reserve a table or get in early. They have no valet so be prepared for problems if arriving at anytime other than Sunday afternoons. Anyway, my mojito was okay, no great shakes.

The roast mushroom with thyme was an average soup. The taste was blandish more or less.

Not bad, surprisingly, we made fun of my brother for getting tomato soup and it turned out to be delicious. Sweet & spicy both at the same time.

Onion rings were, well onion rings. Greasy and not very appetising. Same with the mushrooms that came with the basket.

The garlic bread with cheese was delicious.

The salad was not bad, bitter roqo with sweet figs and balsamic drizzle was a great combination.

The pesto was a badly ordered dish. instead of ordering of the menu, we asked for a penne with pasta and it came with pretty much a plain penne with pasta. i.e. sweet sauce, no garlic, no veggies nothing. Dreadful.

The jalapeno ravioli with saffron cream was a dish with no real purpose. It wasnt flavourful nor was it spicy. Once the creamy sauce cooled it was pretty disgusting.

The veggie lasagna was above average. Interesting mix of vegetables and yet a fairly light dish. It was enjoyable allright.

The Margaritha wa stupendous. Thin, crispy, sourish, the best dish of the luncheon i reckon. A pity it was so small. We ended up calling for two more.

Goat cheese pizza was the other one we called for. I personally loved it but i guess goat cheese is not a taste appreciated by my plebian brothers.

The molten chocolate was a boring dessert and tasted boringly good.

The tiramisu capuccino was not bad, they got the ingredients just right. Went down pretty good.

Overall, the food is a lot of hits and misses. Some things work while some dont work at all, so The menu is varied enough to attract appeal to all kinds and the pricing is just about right. So if they get some of their dishes right they could really become a solid offering.

The service was allright, a little scatter brained but not too bad.

Food : 7/10
Service : 7/10
Damage : 3800 for 6 with one cocktail


The knife said...

I am quite fond of goat cheese and feta... but I agree, it's not a universal choice

I prefer my pesto with minimal cream

Gaurav said...

Hey KK,

i love goat cheese and feta only more so...

As for the Pesto, i think a little garlic, some sun dried tomato and maybe pine nuts would have saved the dish.

The knife said...

Talking of cheese, had a wonderfully strong Gruyere this morning which K picked up from KL recently. Can still taste it :)

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