Friday, January 22, 2010

Coming Soon: New Restaurant @ Grand Hyatt

The Grand Hyatt @ Kalina is a place i think of with great fondness, my wife & i shared our first few dates gorging in their coffee shop. While they have quite a few dining options (Celini visits here and here) its their coffee shop i love, for its elabroately imagined sandwiches, possibly the best in the city.

Their restaurants have always had a stable patronage and the hotel has been a great business destination. For a long time i have done suburban meetings either at the Grand Hyatt or Taj Lands End. Depending on client and time of day, GH has been a safe place to entertain.

So, imagine my excitement when a little birdie recently told me that M, their grill is being replaced by a new dining option called Fifty Five East. The new eatery will
offer an eclectic mix of Sushi, Mezze, Asian (Thai), South Indian, western grills and live desserts.. Very adventurous outlook by the folks at the Hyatt, especially considering most hotel chains like to play it relatively safe.

Intriguing culinary choices, I am all for more Sushi & Mezze. While i dont have any specifics on the menu, i can only hope its expansive.

The restaurant is going to be launched under the eye of executive chef Jean-Christophe Fieschi and is expected to be operational by the end of March-April 2010. Ill drop some pics when i get my hands on them. A full blown review should not be too far away.

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