Saturday, September 20, 2008


Rest : Samrat
Loc : churchgate
Meal : lunch

Samrat is a very old hand in North Indian & Guj thali in Bombay. My parents used to go there as newly weds, i went there as a kid and i have been there as a newly wed as well. The place has of course changed many times over and gotten bigger and bigger. They have branched into western fast food (Relish) coffee shop and bakery.

They still continue to do a brilliant thali.

They serve the usual suspects, a dal, a sweet kadi, a sweet, 4 veggies. I was not very happy with the farsan (snack) and i wish they had a few more snacks as well. The food overall was good but not great. The service was quick, efficient, friendly and attentive. in short they were brilliant. i wish other restaurants thali or otherwise could match up. top notch.

they also serve a brilliant chaas (butter milk) which is my fav drink in the whole wide world.

Food : 7/10
Service: 9/10
Damage : for 2 nearly 400.

Prem Court
Jamshedji Tata Road
Churchgate, Mumbai
22820942, 22820022, 22825809


Kapil said...

Samrat is a place close to my client's office and many a times I have ended up eating lunch there. And everytime we walk out with a stomach which is bursting. I love the waiters attitude to just keep feeding even in the most rush hour periods.

Gaurav said...

ive pretty much grown up on Samrat, it used to be a haunt of my parents when they were newly weds and when we were kids.

its not really a haunt for us (me and the wife) but we get out there once in a while

Anaggh A. Desai said...

An old time favorite, but once in a way try a la carte; ordering farsan platter separately, a specialty gujju dish with phulka's. Trust me

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