Monday, October 29, 2007

Lemon Grass

Rest : Lemon Grass
Company : The Boys n Ze Wife
Meal : Dinner
Location : Phoenix Mills

Lemon Grass at Phoenix Mills is a great option for a mixed Asian meal, although it has a strong Thai menu, they do serve some other Oriental dishes as well.

The restaurant is very well priced, even with drinks you would be able to stretch the currency plenty.

We got the platter that serves 2, it comes with mushrooms, spring rolls, paneer or tofu and some potato. Its a good way of getting a feel for the menu, the mushrooms and paneer are the highlight. The tom yum was allright, little too spicy for me. The Green Curry and the Mongolian BBQ were just top notch. Two things you must get when you are there.

The problem with them is that their service is at best incompetent. The help always gets the order wrong, they dont have dishes sometimes, overall they just dont offer a positive experience. I dont want to have to worry if i am going to get what i ordered.

Not sure if i would go back, though i love the food.

Food 8/10 Service 3/10

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