Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fine Dine

Restaurant : Fine Dine
Location : Chowpatty
Company : Mr & Mrs Singhania, Ze Wife, Gotti
Meal : Dinner

Fine Dine is the new avatar of the old but very popular Revival.

I expected a half baked Gujju experience since it used to be a stronghold but i was pleasantly surprised.

The new decor is funky, orange but the tables are too close for comfort and you cant make fun of others without them hearing.The whole thing works, its just that the clientèle isn't young and funky.The food is paired with wines from all over the world in case you want to pick what goes with what. Which is as good sign for those who want try out wines.

The menu is a 'safe' mix of popular appetizers while the mains are a selection of pasta as well as Asian dishes. They also have a menu of Punjabi.

We ordered the fondue which was good, better than Indigo but not as good as Moshe. The mezze platter was actually better than what i have had so far. Although the mezze platter always ends up leaving you sort of underwhelmed.

The moment i saw the elusive Dal Bukhara i decided on an Indian meal. It was delectable, a must have, the khadai paneer was excellent, soft, spicy, delicious. A selection of breads, some good roomali, ended with a dum biryani and a veggie raita. Again, excellent. My friends who have dined here before, say its even better on weekdays.

The meal was just beyond what i was expecting. It has always been a place i have avoided going, one or two more meals like this and it will become an even favorite.

Drinks were a Corona & Diet Pepsi. Overall the food is very good, the service is a tad slow when crowded. The portions are pretty generous.

The damage was 1600 which is not too bad.

Worth a visit.

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