Thursday, February 22, 2007


Rest : Flavours
Meal : Late
Location : The Ambassador Hotel, Churchgate
Company : Loki

Experience : The Ambassador seems like a has been hotel which hasnt had a proper face lift in a long long time. The rest of the rest experience seems to go along in this line.

Meal : Well there was this delicous sounding soup but they didnt have it. So i got some veggies in cream, they didnt have a mezze platter either so we got the chilli cheese toast and some jalapeno poppers. None of the food was tasty or seemed like it was made with anything fresh.

Drinks : Water

The place is terrible, avoid it. The service is weak, uncaring there is no real reason to bother going over to Flavours.

Damage : 600

Food 3/10 Service 3/10

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