Sunday, December 24, 2006

Spagetti Kitchen - Repeat Visit

Was at Spagetti Kitchen again this weekend. Got in around 1.30 and wasnt sure if id be seated but oddly enough most of the crowd waits for Copper Chimney (weird coz you could go to the mother ship which is less than 10 mins away)

Anyway they have done away with the Pomodoro roast soup which was a huge hit for me. I was pretty dissapointed and not sure how it would play out from there.

However they have seemingly brought in a slightly newer menu with some items gone and some new ones added. Not that much of a difference and they have also raised prices.

However the service has gone up a WHOLE notch. The new crew seems to be friendly, eager to please and on the money with their service. We spoke to our head server and said we were unhappy with the lack of pomodoro and he said to try minestrone and he voluneteered that he would take it back if we werent happy. Well.

We were happy with the soup as well as the service. The bruschetta platter has changed and turned into this 6 portion divvied up into regular and mushroom bruschetta and again one of the best dishes in TOWN. this was better than the Bruschetta from cafe Ivy which i thought was the best until now.

We got the spagetti with blood red tomatos done in olive oil and parsley. Fantastic, not a very rich taste like the penne paprika or the spagetti from Indigo Deli but this has a taste of its own.

I think this restaurant has turned a new leaf and gone from a inconsistent restaurant with great potential to a place that is going on to discover its potential.

Highly recommend it.

Food 9/ 10 Service 9/ 10

Damage 750 (16$)

Minestrone Soup
Spagetti with tomato and olive oil
Diet Coke x 2

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