Saturday, July 15, 2006

Cafe Churchill

Rest : Cafe Churchill
Meal : Late Lunch
Date : 15/7/2006
Location :Colaba Causeway
Company : Pie

Experience - Late lunch, wat out waiting for 20 mins (first time ive waited in a long long time) i had a nice parking spot and didnt feel like making out for Indigo Deli or Cafe Basilico so we stuck it.

Drink : Pepsi, Fresh Lime Soda

Food : Hmm, i ordered the Spagetti in Marinara with garlic bread ( i think it makes me sick) and there was a sandwich with some cheese. The food was ok. The pasta wasnt too bad the sandwich was average. My problem is the service and presentation. Service is haphazard (i know its busy but thats not an excuse) The pasta should have come in a bowl, thats how it is meant to be and it should be served atleast WARM rather than the luker side or luke warm. It could have been better but it wasnt. Dissapointing and NOT worth the wait.

Rating : Food 7/10, Service 6/10

Damage : 300($6.50 )

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